Pat’s Soapbox

You can’t make the life you deserve if you don’t have enough self esteem (a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.) Self esteem is the most important thing. Do you believe you are ordinary, unimaginative, not bright or so something of a schlump? I would argue that. If we look, with a critical eye, we will find many talents. Don’t dismiss these talents. Do you cook, keep a tidy house, are well read, or can win at Jeopardy™? These are the talents I’m referring to. I know you have them but you need to discover and utilized them.  (6.7)

Human dignity is under assault everywhere. Do your part! Do NOT contribute to the war! Something simple, like manners, will foil the enemy. A simple thing, like manners, shows respect. With respect, a person’s dignity remains intact if not bolstered a bit. Use yours today!



As the holidays are upon us, remember, home is where they want you to stay longer. Let those you love and those that love you have a little more of your time. It will be rejuvenating to all.



Intuition arises from perpetual calm in the core of the soul. It requires of us discrimination and adroitness to serve us well. Have you found the way to reach the calm in the core of your soul? Is it your relaxation technique? Do you have a relaxation technique? Stayed tuned for that upcoming message.


The world is a far more mysterious place than most people realize. Every moment of life is woven through with meaning.

Are we intuitive enough to see those meanings? I am not completely. Does a suggestion or a statement from someone trigger a thought process for me. Yes it does, mostly. While I think about that I wonder if the meaning of that statement is something to enrich my life. If I think it might, I try and work it into my strategy. If it isn’t readily apparent, I don’t throw it away. It’s not garbage. It does not take priority but continues to percolate in the back of my mind. Can it enrich my life in the future? I will keep my eyes open. The world is mysterious.


In life, little happens by chance.

I know this sounds a little metaphysical. I am not going in that direction. I am not a philosopher. Personally, I know little happens in my life by chance. It is a result of my actions. Sometimes the result is good. Sometimes not so much. I am overjoyed when things workout the way I want them too. When I get those results that are not “optimal” I usually treat them as obstacles. So it is just a modification to the plan.

If you follow us and visit the site regularly you already know what I mean by obstacles. If you are new here, then keep reading it will become clear.


Strategy is everything when it comes to just about anything.

Or more simply said, you need a plan or routine.  From small things to long range plan. I didn’t start my secondary education until later in life. It started with the strategy. Once I had the steps in place it was just a matter of sticking to the plan. Things that are worthwhile to you don’t happen overnight.  But with your strategy and persistence, you can accomplish any goal you have in mind. Do you want to undertake a huge task like remodeling a room or get a degree (or even a more advanced degree)? Make the plan! Write it down, put it in your notebook,  smartphone or tablet. Take it step by step. Obstacles will pop up along the way. That’s how life works. Go over, around or under the obstacle and go back to the plan. In all my years I’ve found this strategy gets me where I need to be.


Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right – Henry Ford

Is there a truer statement?  Anything I think I can do, I can. I make my plan, that’s my strategy. If I want to be 2 inches taller, I can get surgery to lengthen my legs. I think I’m tall enough. If I want to lose those last 30 pounds, I watch what I eat and exercise. If I want to be blonde, I see my hair dresser. If I think I can’t do, I can’t. I haven’t set my strategy. I haven’t made a plan.  What can I accomplish if I don’t know what I want to do or how to go about getting what I want. Do you know what you want?

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