About Q Elise

About Q Elise

I moved to the North Texas area in the early 1990’s, though originally I am from Los Angeles, California. I enjoy the slow pace of the North Texas area. I have a beautiful daughter who now enjoys life in Chicago, Illinois.

I believe now is an exciting time to be alive. The world is poised at the threshold of understanding it must re-think everything and view things with a broader sustainable outcome as goal for themselves, communities, cities, government, education, and beyond. On August 27,2014 I will have successfully completed another leg of my life-vision and purpose by completing a dual degree Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership. I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Management Information Systems in May of 2012. I look forward to beginning my Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology with an emphasis in Performance Psychology in December 2014.

I hope to use my education to assist others to grow, develop and find their purpose either by encouraging them to return to school or by helping them retain current employment, or move up within their career, or start their own businesses or improve their aspects of a personal nature. I consider myself a life-learner and to stop learning is to no longer exist.

I have three rescued dogs.  I love to play the saxophone and will be soon attempting to take up the guitar. I enjoy exercise and nutrition and will be attempting to get into shape to run the Chicago Marathon with my daughter hopefully next year 2015.

The biggest supporters of my education and career plans are my mother, daughter and those who have already been inspired as a result of interacting with me.

August 3, 2013 I lost the physical presence of my largest supporter and my dearest closest friend my mother. However, we talked often about my vision and I know that she is eternally with me and the experience of this loss has only strengthened my resolve and determination to see the vision to completion.

Personal Triumphs

Throughout life there are ups and downs. There are periods that seem to run flat, and others that seem like a never-ending downhill slide or uphill battle. Yet, with each trial comes triumph and a new found appreciation of life; as well as the realization that I am now able to comfort and encourage others due to having experienced the same or similar trial. Some of the things I have gone through are:

  • Divorce
  • Single-parenting
  • Chronic illness
  • Multiple hospitalizations
  • Survivor of an abusive marriage
  • Financial hardships

Work Experience

  • Youth Counselor
  • Real Estate Loan Processing
  • Account Reconciliation
  • School Bus Driver
  • Class B Driver Trainer
  • Class A Over-the-road Driver
  • Call Center Customer Service Representative
  • Call Center – Customer Service Manager

Other Skills

  • Adult training
  • Student management
  • Public Speaking and presentation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Communication specialist (verbal and non-verbal, listening, clarifying, understanding)

Q Elise’s Commitment

Through FindYourVision.org I am committed to provide alternate ways to view a single issue. I believe there is a certain art to most things, like driving, parenting, even in the many jobs that need to be done in the day-to-day operations of living. I am committed to never telling you what you should do or need to do. Instead you can count on me to merely provide you those tough rhetorical questions to force you to dig deep within and become that powerful individual who is truly happy, content, and proud of the person you are. I am committed to share both my failures and successes to show that failure can be a positive way to find the pathway that brings the greatest benefits.

It is with the utmost pleasure I look forward to opening up the dialog of possibilities with you and to hearing your thoughts.


Q Elise

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