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What Is Find Your Vision

Find Your Vision is a reference to individuals feeling they were meant to do something more with their lives than they are at the present time. Many of us have a dream of how we’d like our future to look and feel. Some of us have gotten busy with the day-to-day activities of life to the point are dreams have gone cold. Find Your Vision attempts to re-ignite the flames of our dreams and move toward making them reality. Many times it is just a matter of knowing there are others who feel as we do. Other times it is a matter of not knowing where or what resources are available to us.

Find Your Vision is about coaching, inspiring, comforting, and learning.  Individuals who realize the time is right for change and want help drawing out their inner strengths will enjoy Find Your Vision’s self-awareness concepts.  The business community has long used coaching as a way to develop their management personnel by training in leadership and management principles. We believe coaching is beneficial beyond the board room.  Personal leadership and management can help us get more enjoyment out of life.

Life coaching is not like therapy or counseling. The latter fall under mental health and involve the use of professional practitioners of psychology and sociology working with medicines and psychoanalysis. Life coaching involves guiding individuals by use of questions to increase self-awareness with the goal gaining realization of inner strengths and weaknesses.

We at Find Your Vision have found through our life experiences that asking one’s self questions and digging deeply to honestly answer those questions can lead to a richer and fuller enjoyment of life.


Our mission is two-fold.  First, we attempt to ask the ‘right’ questions to help individuals connect to their strengths , change parts of their lives they are not particularly happy with,  and cheer them on through encouragement and feedback.  Second, we want to expand the scope from the individual to families, communities, and beyond.


Our vision is to spark a dialog that will lead all humanity to embrace our differences and applaud our commonalities to develop innovative ideas and actions that will lead to a sustainable future for the planet. We believe that the current rapidly changing global environment is poised for transformation. Find Your Vision hopes our life coaching will lead more people to their “epiphany” moments and lead to a global fire of all working people working toward the greater good.

Thus, our vision statement:  Changing the culture of humanity one mind at a time.

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