Throwing It Out There

Throwing it out there


Mr. Strassler explains, “…energy can be locked away in an object’s mass…this mass-energy (which is the famous E=mc2 energy associated with mass, and also called “rest-energy”, since it is the energy that an object has when it is at rest, i.e. not moving.”
Okay, here is my thought to you – in our living spaces there are cupboards, drawers, closets, tables, etc. with all sorts of objects in and on them. While these objects are at “rest” all that energy is just sitting there, or is it.
There is something called an aura. Merriam-Webster defines an aura as, “a special quality or feeling that seems to come from a person, place, or thing”
What if that aura is the rest-energy of the object casting a ‘quality’ or ‘feeling’ that permeates our spaces (home, work, vehicle, etc.). Could it be that the more “stuff” we have or surround ourselves with the less space there is available for our own being?
Hmmm…..could that be why when we clean up, organize, throw-out, give-away, pare-down, re-evaluate the need for/usefulness of, seek minimalism, or as some cultures call it “Spring Cleaning” we feel so much more accomplished, energized, free, light, happy??



Swan diving is so graceful and beautiful to me. I wonder though what that first time was like for the diver. Was it super scary, was there prayer all the way down? I can only imagine. However, after the first few times it must get easier and confidence must grow, and the feeling of self-empowerment must be through the roof…off the scale…as marvelous a feeling inside as it is to the spectator to watch.

 some people recommend if we really want to get a fire under our butts and get moving on our entrepreneurial dreams we need to quit our jobs and don’t make a plan B.

I imagine that would make one work hard – not knowing when they’ll have money for the next meal or be able to keep a place of shelter. I guess for those that do that it must be like swan diving.

swan dive male

For me with my personality I just don’t want to take that drastic a leap. What about you? So, the trick then is to take a leap that feels not so comfortable but not so drastic and get the fire blazing. Only you can determine what your leaps will look like…just get going whatever you do.

swan dive female







boxWhy is it before a child gets to school the lowly box has endless possibilities? It can be a boat, a rocket ship, a house, a bank, a cabin in the woods, it can be anything the child can dream up. But, you bring a second grader a box and suddenly they are looking at you like your that yucky vegetable you tried to get them to eat a few nights ago. You can excitedly dance around with the box and attempt to show them how kool the box is and they tilt their head to one side and say, “Yeah, but its just a box!?”

So, where did all that magic imagination go?

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