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Keeping the Beat of Life

What thoughts come to mind when you think of the graph output from an electrocardiogram (EKG)? Heart beat? Well, if you thought “heart” anything that is good. In many ways the EKG is a metaphor for our life span. We go along from day-to-day, year-to-year on one plane, and above and  below us are an unknown number of other planes. Some belong to other humans living the same as we are. Some belong to places and things. Each having its own “energy.” These invisible force fields of energy from people, places, and things, both inanimate and animate have effects on our energy and can effect our heart-waves.

Sometimes, someone deliberately attempts to cause us problems. Either directly or indirectly manipulating events unbeknownst to us until the results of their activities surface to attempt to cross or cut the forward progress of our heart-waves.
Clutter in and around our homes, jobs, cities, towns can also cause interference for us. And you may think of may other things that can affect us. All of these fluctuations influence us and cause deep internal ‘noise’ that we are unaware it even exist. We are unaware sometimes because our own defense mechanisms block it out or distract us from noticing. Sometimes when we have down time and the distractions quite down we suddenly feel depressed, sluggish, tired, fatigued, angry, nervous, etc., etc. [I’m not  referring to clinically produced symptoms that are due to some illness or ailment here], with no clues as to the ‘real’ sources of those feelings.
Back to the EKG graph….. The lines are parallel, none of the lines on the graph cross or intersect. To me that would translate to a drama-free life. Don’t laugh! I know drama is subjective. And some might say a certain amount of drama is necessary for optimal functioning. I say drama comes in multiple types and levels; once drama gets beyond what is ‘necessary’ or acceptable its time to kick it off and put that drama back on its on line running parallel again.
How do we keep our “heart’-waves or life-waves healthy, strong, and tranquil? Well, that is where it is on you to discover your inner strengths, capabilities, and skills to assist in self-discovery to develop strategies to identify, cope, and combat the fluctuations of external and internal “energies” that disrupt our life-“EKG’s”



tape measure flexedFLEXIBLE

We hear about being flexible when it comes to balancing work and family demands, but what about when we feel it’s no use to keep trying?

There is upheaval right now on the world scene between nations, upheaval within nations, and upheaval within communities. We are facing attacks from radical extremist we can see and attacks from viruses and bacteria we can not see. There are debates about climate changes whether they are cyclical or disastrous, debates on best ways to tackle healthcare, hunger and disease.  Out of all the above the only thing we can control is our own reaction. And there in is the key. Stay focused, stay steadfast, stay positive, and keep pushing forward with your goals and desires. Keep growing and learning and trying to be the best YOU.

Yes, we can get bombarded with all the current events and begin to slip away from our goals, however when you think about being flexible perhaps we have to stretch a tad for a bit then twist a tad for a bit, but don’t get pulled so out of shape that you forget where your headed. I know for me I had to pause, take a deep breath and re-group. When I did that I thought about rubber bands and resistance bands. They can be pulled and twisted and as long as you don’t over extend too long they always come back to their original state. So, for me it was to recall that my dream and vision is to help as many people as possible find their inner self and strength to get their end desire…the life that feels wonderful and optimal. It’s not that things take a back-burner, so to speak, its that we may have to weather an obstacle or two and duck a few unexpected events all while keeping forward momentum. Funny rubber bands and bent trees have much to teach us.

                                                                   What do they teach you about yourself?                                                                                                  rubber bands






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Prosperity, Success, and Naysayers


*Prosperity – is the condition of being successful or thriving; especially:  economic well-being.

*Success – is favorable or desired outcome; also:  the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence

*Naysayer – is one who denies, refuses, opposes, or is skeptical or cynical about something




Motivational, inspirational, and even some religious speakers and authors often encourage us with powerful messages of our own inner strengths and abilities that can lead us to prosperity and success and fight off the negatives that hold us back.

Non- religious motivators talk of the source of our power as the innate abilities, experiences and desires from deep within our own psyche. Religious motivators speak of the same thing with the exception that an outside source, a supreme being granted this inner ability to us.

The bottom line however is what we do with ourselves is ultimately dependent on us.

That said, it is up to us to define our vision of what prosperity and success looks like, feels like, is measured by, is prepared for, and when it is achieved.

Is economic well-being billions of dollars – or – not having to live paycheck-to-paycheck?

Are wealth and favor marble mansions and people bowing to us – or – a cabin in the forest and good relationships?

Only you can decide. Only you know when you are at total peace and harmony, one with yourself and one with the universe, arising from day to day in total contentment. Only you can decide to if living life, loving life, breathing life, assisting others, a kind and encouraging word for all, accepting and understanding, and standing firm regardless of the challenges is what your capable of.


  • Oh Shut Up! You’re just trying to exploit the weak and make your own millions.
  • Are you even in touch with the planet?! Those that have – have and the rest of us have not.
  • We can’t all be prosperous, who would do the low paying jobs and manual labor?
  • It depends on who you know if you get the breaks you need to get what you want.
  • In case you hadn’t noticed the world is going downhill fast, people are dying, being killed and starving, and countries are warring with each other at alarming rates. History is repeating itself daily.

Yes, why don’t we look at history and current events? It has always been and continues to be easier to find fault than to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and do something; than to be positive and inspired to transform; beginning with ourselves, our own attitudes, our own perceptions. Perhaps that is why those that do tend to find their names in history books, on talk shows, and are sought out for their ‘wisdom.’


Again, it is up to each of us to figure out what true prosperity and success look like and feel like for us. There is nothing wrong with legitimate honest work. If running a backhoe digging up city streets to repair a damaged water main leaves you feeling satisfied and successful – then so be it. If working at an ice cream shop making that banana split then handing it to the customer and the sight of their anticipation of delight brings you joy and success – then so be it. If going into a work establishment on a Monday morning cleaning up the weekend mess leaving the bathrooms sparkling and fresh, regardless of whether it is appreciated or not makes you feel needed, successful and satisfied – then so be it.

Conversely, if having a $200,000 dollar car and a billion dollar home make you worry when you’re at work that someone is vandalizing or stealing your things. Or if economic, financial and political news stories make it difficult for you to sleep or keeps your stomach acid eating up your organs – perhaps it has not been your vision of prosperity or success, but those mandated by others or by society.


Again I say —-

Only you can decide. Only you know when you are at total peace and harmony, one with yourself and one with the universe, arising from day to day in total contentment. Only you can decide to if living life, loving life, breathing life, assisting others, a kind and encouraging word for all, accepting and understanding, and standing firm regardless of the challenges is what your capable of.




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