What You Can Expect From FindYourVision.Org

What You Can Expect From FindYourVision.Org
Your FindYourVision Team is made up Q Elise and Pat D. I encourage you to check out our biographies under the About Us tab. We understand that finding a life coach is a serious endeavor. The characteristics of a good coach are as follows:

• Good listener
• Ability to understand your needs clearly
• Possesses high emotional intelligence
• Have good academic background
• Have successfully walked the walk they talk
• Provide encouragement
• Direct you to resources
• Help you discover your abilities
• Assist you on your way in least amount of time

We of FindYourVision are committed to all of the above and look forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with you. Visitors to FindYourVision.org will find a number of topics that will dig into self-awareness to help you conduct a personal SWOT analysis. That is your Strengths to further develop; your Weakness to tone-down or eliminate; your Opportunities to follow your dreams and personal vision; and your Threats, or as we like to call them your No’s, to determine if those no’s are real, imagined, or excuses and then to overcome them to get on with your life.

What You Will Find on FindYourVision.Org

Q Elise made the following statement:

“To be a life-learner is to refuse to stagnate with the status quo while the world around us passes us by. In essence it is like “living” versus “existing;” like “thriving” versus “surviving.”

Articles – Timely well researched articles on subjects of personal development and goal achievement.

Archives – All articles will be sent to archives for you to search as time goes on. Volume numbers will be based on the year. Issue numbers will represent the articles post time (this introduction is issue 1).

Topics for Exploration – Topics designed to explore and expand our worldview.

Interactive Forums – Opportunities to contribute positive thoughts and ideas on various topics.

*Podcast – Short video discussions to share among yourselves and start a dialog of possibilities.

*Resource Links – Links to other sites that share our vision of a sustainable future in business development, environmental development, spiritual development, educational development, and personal development.
*- coming soon.

Q’s Corner and Pat’s Soapbox -Here you will find random topics for both enjoyment and edification. Some will be directly and obviously connected with the vision and goal of FindYourVision.org. Other topics will be not so obviously connected, but will expose some type of self-discovery or experience common to all humanity.

Throwing It Out There -This page will be your FindYourVision Team modeling the concept of innovation and creativity in a psychological safe environment where no one needs to feel their ‘wild-hair’ ideas or thoughts will be shot down rather encouraged. You can add to the concept presented or present something different on the concept.

Your Thoughts -Here we welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional topics. As well as your feelings about a topic that was featured on the site. We also encourage you to present you testimonies of what good things you accomplished from the assistance of FindYourVision.org.